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"When you have a sense of your own identity and a vision of where you want to go in your life, you then have the basis for reaching out to the world and going after your dreams for a better life."

- Stedman Graham

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The Teen Success Network is the first of it's kind Virtual Training environment geared towards bringing crucial curriculum to youths of all ages. We concentrate our energies on the much needed more difficult topics that youths face on an everyday basis. These include everything from depression and suicide to teen pregnancy and drug use. Included in our over 30 categories is the seldomly taught Life Skills and Personal Development related training not included in today's educational system.

Where we excel is our unique business model to help Youth Organizations around the country and eventually around the world not only give their kids this much needed curriculum, but grow the organization with an exciting revenue model. With our WIN/WIN/WIN opportunity, we can impact the lives of millions of children and their parents here and around the world and maybe even you.

The System

The foundation of our technology has gone through it's test of time, constant evolution and the trial and error process over the last 10 years of ongoing development. Today it is the single greatest online Virtual Training environment available. There is nothing that even comes close! It's so robust a short description will not do it justice. However, Imagine this:

You login to the system to find the category and chapters of the educational module you'd like to study. Quickly you navigate to where you are actually watching the teacher speak to you, almost interactively. At the end of the chapter, you take a quick multiple choice quiz to make sure you've absorbed the content. Then you're off to the next chapter, all while the system itself is tracking every move. It knows what you watched, which chapter, when you watched it, for how long, which questions you got right or wrong and everything else in between.

This is called "The Accountability Method" of training, the only known way to monitor and track whether or not the youth encouraged to use the system is actually using and benefiting from it.

It's the most exciting and fulfilling way to share what you have to teach and educate, especially without having to be live in front of your audience, effectively allowing you to educate on a mass scale beyond your physical reach.



Do you have a Desire to educate and make a difference for children? If this Desire is greater than your Desire for profit, then you might be a fit to our team. Although The Teen Success Network is a For Profit entity, our business model is built around the mission of philanthropic endeavors'. It is the only way we can make a difference for the Non-Profit entities that need us. This means our objective is to generate revenues for Youth Organizations while providing Life Enhancing curriculum for their youths. This singularly hinges on the quality and quantity of the education we provide and the ability for us to grow while creating a financial model for these organizations. This begins with our educators and the message(s) they have to share along with the opportunity to launch their knowledge beyond where they could on their own.

With more than 1 million youths expected to be participating in the first 36 months alone, educators have a unique opportunity to fast start their own entrepreneurial Desires and dreams of their own brand.

If you think you have a unique and avant garde educational message, our vehicle and delivery system could very well be the only thing you need to expose your training to millions. After that, the sky is the limit to where you build your brand from there. Whether it's a book, CD/DVD, TV show, Live Seminars or more, we can help you, all while making a huge difference to kids around the world.


How It Works

1. Determine and script your curriculum for the teleprompter for proper post-production editing.
2. Fly into one of our production facilities in Dallas or Las Vegas with travel paid for by Teen Success Network.
3. We film and produce your training for final output. This includes the test questions, answers and side assets.
4. Final categories, chapters and test modules are inserted into the system to deploy across the networks.
5. We start tracking your trainings, who is watching, testing and learning.



Every category and educator is compensated differently based on several factors, including experience, category importance and overall length of training content among other things.
You can expect to:
1. Build your brand/name.
2. Sell more of your ancillary training tools.
3. Participate in our live events (for additional compensation).
4. Help change the lives of youths around the world.


How To Participate

If you think you would like to participate, have relevant training content and are willing to jump all in, here's what to do next: Download the application below, fill it out and submit it as instructed.